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News-Herald Staff Writer David S. Glasier has been playing golf for over 50 years and writing about it for over 30. Always operating on a tight budget, Glasier is on a lifelong quest to find good courses to play at affordable prices.

Friday, July 15, 2011

"Affordabili-TEES'' pro Bryan Huff: Better long iron & hybrid play

Envision this situation.
      You're on a long par-4, 415 yards, having just driven the ball 230 yards into the fairway.
Facing a 185-yard approach, do you go with a hybrid, 3-iron or 4-iron?
      Are you as confident over this shot as you would be with a wedge from 100 yards?
      Shots with long irons and hybrids are among the most challenging in the bag.
      Executed correctly, they look great in the air and give you a chance to make par on the toughest holes.
      Misfire, and the ramifications smack you in the face on the next shot and the one after that.
      In this three-part lesson, "Affordabili-TEES'' pro Bryan Huff breaks down the fundamentals of long iron and hybrid play.
      These videos were shot at StoneWater Golf Club in Highland Heights, where Bryan is an instructor at Jimmy Hanlin Golf School.
      To book a lesson with Bryan, call 440-382-5305. His rates are $40 for 30 minutes, $75 for one hour and $200 for three hours. He also offers a special rate for younger players, ages 23 and under


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