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News-Herald Staff Writer David S. Glasier has been playing golf for over 50 years and writing about it for over 30. Always operating on a tight budget, Glasier is on a lifelong quest to find good courses to play at affordable prices.

Monday, June 27, 2011

DSG's Affordabili-TEES: "Made in the U.S.A.''

      Clearview putter
      Price: $149.99
      Grip Caddy
      Price: $19.95
      Steve Ross and Jim Rickon are entrepreneurs.
      They turned inspired ideas into products that can help your golf game.
      Better still, they are having those products manufactured in Northeast Ohio.
      Ross, a Medina resident, is the inventor of the Clearview putter.
      Rickon, a Hudson resident, is the inventor of a training aid called Grip Caddy.
      During a recent interview at StoneWater Golf Club in Highland Heights, Ross said his "frustration with not making putts'' led to the invention of the Clearview putter. Made of acrylic, it features a dual-line aiming system that, when used correctly, gets the head, hands and body into correct alignment down the intended line.
      On the video accompanying this blog, Reed discusses his invention while StoneWater pro Jimmy Hanlin rolls some putts with it and breaks down the correct way to use the Clearview.
      Reed said "over 3,000'' Clearview putters have been manufactured in Medina.
      Rickon is the hitting coach for the Lake County Captains, the Class A farm team of the Indians. He was a standout at Cleveland State who played in the Tribe's farm system before moving on to coaching.
      Grip Daddy has velcro strap and is easily attached to the grip of any club, including the putter. Rickon also invented Bat Jack, a similar device that is used on a baseball bat. Both are designed to firm up the grip and improve the user's swing.
      DSG has had the Clearview putter and Grip Caddy in his bag for the last six weeks. I've found Grip Caddy to be especially useful on the practice putting green, helping me firm up my stroke with the Clearview putter.
      Both products get enthusiastic thumbs-up from this golfer.


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